Independent Quality Assurance

For Homeowners:

You paid thousands of dollars for insulation in your home – we will help assure you that you got the full benefit of what you paid for. We have years of experience performing 3rd party, independent quality assurance inspections in Maine. In fact, we are one of the only home performance companies in Maine with Quality Control Inspector certification from the Building Performance Institute, the highest professional certification for inspection in the industry.

For Insulation Contractors:

Quality is a vital part of your success! That’s why some of the best insulation companies in Maine recommend us for 3rd-party, independent quality assurance inspections to double-check their work and provide them with valuable feedback.

Our Inspections Include:

· Measure quantity and depth of insulation measures installed

· Confirm blower door results for building tightness

· Combustion safety testing for all heating and combustion appliances

· Infrared scanning to check for insulation gaps and additional air sealing opportunities

· Confirm whole-house ventilation meets ASHRAE standards for building tightness

· Final written report with photos documenting measures completed