For Contractors

how can we benefit you?

We are a vendor-neutral company, we work with builders, insulation contractors, HVAC companies, solar installers, realtors and more to make houses more comfortable, healthier, more efficient and resilient!  Contractors benefit from working with us because of the comprehensive data we provide about the home (with permission of the homeowner) including measurements, photos, energy usage, possible health & safety roadblocks, diagnostic testing, etc.  With all the information provided, contractors can often give homeowners very accurate work proposals without the need for an initial site visit!

We rent blower door / infrared camera equipment for contractors and homeowners!  This equipment is normally at least $5,000 to purchase new - if it’s not something you need to use regularly, why not just rent it when you need it? We are the only company in the state which rents blower door equipment, please contact us here to reserve the equipment!