Independent Energy Audits

Having an energy audit done at your home is the most important place to start, whether you’re looking to make your house more comfortable, healthier, lower your energy bills, or make your house more resilient!

What to Expect from an energy audit

We’ll start at the kitchen table, talking about the reasons you called for the energy audit, and what we’ll be able to do to help. Then we’ll go through the house including the attic and basement, and a visual inspection around the exterior of the house.  

We’ll do the combustion safety and diagnostic testing as needed, then back at the kitchen table to generate a home energy report with recommendations on the next steps to take. 

The visit is usually 3-4 hours, depending on the size of the home and the amount of testing required.

We provide you with an independent energy audit of your home; we are vendor-neutral.  We do not receive any commissions from contractors that we work in conjunction with.  It’s hard to know where to start, but we will help you with unbiased, objective advice!

We collect comprehensive data about your home including measurements, photos, energy usage, air quality and air tightness, heating system information, possible health & safety issues, etc., and you can choose for us to upload the information to a safe, secure folder in Google Drive which you can share with contractors for easier, more precise quotes for HVAC equipment, insulation, solar, realtors, etc.

What’s your energy roadmap?  We’re your energy consultants whether you want to increase your comfort and save on your energy bills, or if you want to work toward a high-performance, net-zero home with no heating bills and complete comfort!

We use Maine Housing insulation standards (the highest standard in the state) to create a proposed work scope for insulation upgrades in your home.  Insulation contractors can choose whether to follow our work scope, but it will give you a comprehensive breakdown of where your home needs insulation the most and a plan for how to address those areas most effectively.

We specialize in offering a wide array of Home Performance Testing including blower door testing for air leakage, infrared camera diagnostics, duct testing, combustion safety testing, indoor air quality, radon, etc.

We provide services to prepare your home for insulation including storage removal and platform building / removal  in the attic for storage.  Don’t let your storage be the reason to not have insulation work done in your home, we can help!

Here's a bright idea: led retROfits!

We will inventory all remaining incandescent light bulbs and replace them with LED bulbs for long-term savings.  (note: the cost of the LED bulbs is not included in the audit fee)